Time to be resourceful…

My next adventure stood to be one of legendary proportions, however I have encountered a definite problem. This one involved a serious hike into the wilderness near Granite Falls and it seems that everyone of my hiking companions has bailed on me… some for legitimate reasons, others not so much. Hopefully I can find some replacement(s) to go with me but worst case scenario I will find a replacement adventure.  The point is that hiking alone, while it’s still an adventure, is also incredibly stupid so it is looking like I will likely have to postpone this one.

Setbacks such as these are bound to happen, I cannot let it dampen my spirits! Now is the time for me to “Macgyver” something up and find myself a different exploit in which to partake. Never fear! I will go some place interesting and meet someone new; this is my pledge. The time is now to meditate on my next move and embrace it like a reunited lover!


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