The Reason

Greetings to all the thrill seekers, life livers, trailblazing adventurers… the danger intrigued, the balefully bored, the jaunting journeymen, the frustrated cubicle dwellers, the determined net surfers, the haplessly hopeless… those who exist on an epic scale and those who just simply exist.

I am just like all of you and nothing like any of you. I have left behind some of you, I empathize with most of you and I am intent on being like a few of you.

Until very recently my life consisted of a clean shave, short hair, shiny shoes and a tie; a distressingly tidy, dull 2″x3.5″ piece of paper with my name right on it. I sold stuff and apparently did it well enough to at least warrant  my own little card, fully equipped with name, number and that lovely email address.


Living the dream, or someones dream at least.

The problem for me was that the dream started to darken, it started to blur around the edges until eventually the dream just made no sense anymore. I was ridiculously unhappy and had been for longer than I would admit; I could  no longer hide it from myself. When the opportunity came, when the office water cooler had clearly been poisoned, I strode directly out those faulty automatic doors and  looked back only long enough to laugh at and bid farewell to my own complacency.

Since that day it’s been an emotional rollercoaster of rediscovery. Since that day I have come to several realizations:

  • John Lennon had it right when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up: “happy”.
  • I am insatiably curious about the world around me.
  • I am just as curious about the world beyond my horizon.
  • I am capable of loving someone more deeply than I imagined.
  • I want to meet everyone.
  • I want to see everything.
  • I love the shit out of my family.
  • I still don’t like mayonnaise. Or miracle whip.

These things have led me to make a decision. I need to live and I don’t mean just being alive. Any jerk can exist, can take up space and air. My mind needs to find its core, to soak up all the wisdom it can. The best way for me to accomplish this is to see as much as I can, meet as many people as I can, experience as many adventures as I can. The following will be an ongoing account of my attempt to engineer at least one adventure for myself everyday for, well, as long as I can pull it off. This is The Better Adventure: A Journey to Getting Your Mind Right.


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